4 de marzo de 2021
Celebrarán en las redes sociales 131 años del teatro Tomás Terry de Cienfuegos

Tomas Terry theater in Cienfuegos ends its restoring phase

The main theater of Cienfuegos in near to finish a complete restoration process which began on 2018. Miguel R. Cañellas Sueiras, director of the theater explains: «When you build up a theater, you have everything to set up the structure, but when you have to adapt the replaicing pices to the wooden structure of the place, the work becomes a little more complicated.

Tomas Terry theater sceneray system dated back of 130 years ago, modernizing its old structure demanded the combained efforts of Cuban Culture Ministry, Cienfuegos Muinicipal Culture Directorate and Cienfuegos Parliament.

All mechanical support was guaranteed by Tecnoescena Enterprise. Materiales and parts needed to be imported from overseas had a cost of 200 000 USD. These materials are been adapted to be set.
Restoring process started back in 2018, foreseen to finish first phase in 2019, on Cienfuegos city bicentennial.
These first actions included restoration of the main hall, the stage, mosaics of the main entrance, ceiling , walls painting, orchestra and Ateneo hall.

The restoration work of the ceiling plafond, with the allegorical themes the dawn, the laugh, the crying, a portrait of the poetress Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda, and other of the musician Gaspar Villate, granted it a distinctive medall by the work done by a group of specialist from Cienfuegos Curator’s Office School of Trades.

The mosaics on top of Tomas Terry theater’s facade are at 14 meters height, and represent the three theater muses of tragedy, comedy and music.

The Ateneo hall also neeeded special care, there were restored the floors, walls, and windows. There are being renewed the 3rd and 4th floors ceilings, a fire control alarm system and intruder detection alarm.

On regular times, more than 600 culture activities take place at this theater. Last year there were incliuded online performance as a way to cope with COVID-19 effect. These were the cases of Alternative Music Festival and the homage to Benny More.
Thus, Tomas Terry theater, one of the three more emblematic Cuban theaters of the XIX century, declared National Monument and 2008 National Restauration Prize, is at the final stage of its modernization phase.

Translated from «El Teatro Tomás Terry de Cienfuegos en la recta final de una larga restauración» published in 5 de Septiembre newspaper by Ángel Bermudez Pupo.

Translated by Yeney Pérez Corona

Editora en idioma inglés del sitio web de Radio Ciudad del Mar.

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