7 de marzo de 2021

The Single Citizen’s Card will come into force in Cuba

On December 10, Resolution 484/20, issued by the Minister of Justice, Oscar Silvera Martínez, will enter into force in Cuba. It establishes the organization, operation and scope of the Ficha Única del Ciudadano (Single Citizen’s Card).
This Tuesday, the Ministry of Justice (MINJUS) published on Twitter that the Single Citizen’s Card is the computer platform that allows the interoperability between the public registries, and of these with the agencies and institutions that provide services and procedures to entities and citizens.
It facilitates legal services, procedures and access to information, and contributes to the creation of a digital identity in the country, said MINJUS in its official profile on this social network.
Resolution 484/20, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic, Extraordinary No. 67/11/20, establishes that public officials and authorities, in the full exercise of their functions, will thus verify the identity of the persons and capture their personal data from a single source.
According to the norm, such access to public data on the identity of natural persons shall be made with the legal guarantees, integrity and protection of the information essential for the preservation of the data collected in such computer platform.
This file constitutes a step forward in MINJUS’ purpose of providing a quality legal service, since it will depend on those who, in possession of a legitimate right, will have the facility to have the system units access the data necessary for the processing of a case through this faster route, the agency states on its website.
It adds that, amidst a computerization process developed by the country in recent times, it will facilitate the implementation of government and electronic commerce, prioritizing at it first stage those institutions and agencies whose services take longer, causing population discomfort.
MINJUS recalls that since the end of 2019 the Minister of Justice has issued a group of instructions and resolutions aimed at unblocking procedures and facilitating access to the population to the institution’s legal services, improving quality and efficiency; the implementation of the file and its upcoming entry into force is another step towards achieving that goal, it concludes.

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