4 de marzo de 2021
Cuban Government analyzes health situation and monetary overhaul

Cuban Government analyzes health situation and monetary overhaul

The Government of Cuba, headed by President Miguel Diaz-Canel, began a cycle of meetings to analyze the epidemiological situation and the progress in the monetary overhaul in the country, among other issues, according to local media.

The president, accompanied by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero and other leaders, held an meeting on Monday with authorities from the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and the government in Havana, where this new work system, which will have a country-wide reach, began.

The measures adopted in Havana to fight the fresh Covid-19 outbreak, people’s dissatisfaction regarding the implementation of the monetary overhaul and the actions to guarantee the demand for food, among other matters, were on the agenda.

Diaz-Canel called to work with intelligence, in an organized way, without bureaucracy and without slowing down processes, as the only method to advance in the complex circumstances the country is currently facing.

Regarding the impact of the pandemic in the capital, where there are confirmed cases in all 15 municipalities and the incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants increased to 58.5, the head of State urged to not lose sight of actions such as deep and broad survey to act with opportunity and reduce the chances of contagion.

He noted the need to keep the economic, productive and service activities alive at this time, when more rigor is needed regarding the compliance with hygienic-sanitary measures and not to neglect them until the vaccine is available, and even beyond that point.

As for the monetary overhaul, the president emphasized that it is a very important task, because it reaches all the elements of the economy and society.

In his words, it makes the execution by the entities transparent and offers greater possibilities to the business sector to become the economic actor that the country needs.

Taken From: Prensa Latina

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