4 de marzo de 2021

Cuban customs improve health protocols to face COVID-19

The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba (AGRC) improved its internal operations and health protocols to face the COVID-19 pandemic, AGRC authorities told ACN.
According to the head of the AGRC, Nelson Cordovés, they are making progress in preparing for the new normality set by COVID-19 with the extension of experiences to prevent contagion from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Another project is the modernization of internal processes, improvements in the integrated economic and management system, as well as the agility of services to the population.

Yamila Martinez, general director of Customs Processes, insisted that after the reopening of the international airports, bio-safety protocols and the detection of illicit cases are being followed.

From the beginning, we have the human, technological and material resources needed to face the pandemic and we are preparing to successfully assume the gradual increase in operations, she stressed.

Cuba has a sanitary protocol for aeronautical activities based on the indications of the Government, the Ministry of Public Health, the International Civil Aviation Organization and the World Health Organization, which must be complied with by terminals, airlines and cargo entities.

In the terminals, in addition to checking the temperature on two occasions, the health ticket is collected (which states if the traveler was in contact with someone positive for the coronavirus and where they will stay), and the sample is taken to carry out the real-time PCR test, the results of which travelers must await.

Visitors must report to the here called the family doctor’s office before 72 hours, be limited in movement until the result of a second PCR (performed on the fifth day of stay), and maintain strict communication with the health personnel.

(Taken from ACN)

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