8 de mayo de 2021

The Arctic is not freezing in October for the first time on record

The extent of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is the lowest recorded so far and for the first time in history it did not freeze again during the month of October, digital media reported.
According to Dr. Zachary Labe, from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at Colorado State University, the Laptev Sea, in Russian Siberia, keeps without freezing, when normally by the end of October it reached an extension of millions of kilometers of ice.

The US researcher warned that the vast open waters north of Siberia this fall are ‘absurd’ and pointed out that

the amount of sea ice struggling to form has been huge.

The Arctic is not freezing in October for the first time on record

The melting of the Arctic sea ice is one of the most worrying signs of the advance of global warming, assured different climate studies. Every summer, the enormous layer that keeps the Arctic cold loses a fraction with the arrival of the warmest days of the year, a normal effect provided that in a few months, the cold accompanying the arrival of the fall, causes the ice reestablishment.

Researches show that the percentage of ice frozen in winter is decreasing. However, in 2020 the gradual rise in temperature reached a point that shows the feasible collapse of the Arctic ice faster than expected.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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